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Our chef

Mom takes her spices very seriously. So make sure you can handle spicy. If we say spicy, we mean spicy :-)

Master Chef

This is my mother, who has been a chef for more than 40 years. She opened her first restaurant 40 years ago in Udon Thani, the north-east of Thailand. She is still recognized for her incredible cooking abilities and many have attempted to obtain her recipe for the Tom Kha soup. She retired a few years ago and has since then helped me in the restaurant. A couple of years ago we had visitors from Thailand visiting the Grand Canyon and coming to our restaurant. They were so impressed to find Thai food in AZ that tasted like home. When I came to their table they said that the food is incredible and that it reminded them of a restaurant at home in Udon Thani. It turned out that it was my mom's original restaurant. It was a big compliment for us and the tourist couple changed their travel plans and visited us for dinner every night. Come say hi to grandma if you see her through the kitchen window.

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